First Service has an extensive network of runners that covers all over Egypt.

Our selected fleet of messengers is equipped with special tools to ensure the best performance and results. Our runners are supplied with scooters, intelligent mobile phones, & android applications to increase efficiency and automate delivery. Using our maps based on an extensive GIS database that points to addresses accurately, our messengers easily reach the customers. They use their smartphones to submit and update the delivery status and electronically capture the customer's signature. This fully automated system for tracking deliveries utilizes an advanced customer coding system. It provides customer support through instant feedback to customize the delivery times according to the customer's preference. First Service's quality control department utilizes our Call Center to perform address verification upon receipt of customer data to update the customer database. Moreover, daily basis random checks on (a) the proof of delivery forms, & (b) the captured GPS Coordinates of the addresses to verify the delivered/Undelivered status of the customers, in addition to both field visits and voice calls to investigate every complaint we receive, are part of our comprehensive quality control process.